Sunday, 22 April 2007

Jason Pichonsky's X Minus One trailer

Okay, if you're coming form Zombie Astronaut's blog you've already seen this, if not enjoy!

Just a reminder, post some comments in the... uhum comments section. Film-makers love an audience. Really.

So some background. About 2 years ago I discovered a program called Poser (rediscovered might be a better term, but 2 yrs ago it started to make sense to me). I also discovered radio theatre, and more specificly a sci-fi program called X-Minus One. Always a project oriented person, I started to teach myself 3-d animation utilizing Poser (version 5). I thought then and still do, that this series (or it's cousins Dimension X and Future Tense) would make an excellent animated series. So I started to experiment with that.

I never truely finished my experiments at least not to a point that would truely be satisfying-- a complete episode of X Minus One animated.

So the trailer you've seen is rough and not very polished, missing some lipsync and fully rendered material. Still there are moments I love about the piece. I really like the style of animation in "The Moon is Green" The original radio play doesn't pan out the way it should but I was infatuated with the opening scenario .

In "Chain of Command" I always envisioned a Looney Tune approach to the animation (the one where the mouse is playing the piano).

The Martian really works for me.

And I actually have a 3-d version of "How To" sitting on my drives. If I can find it I think I'll post it. Get out your red and blue glasses!!!

post script: If you didn't get here from the zombie austronaut go there and check out his offerings.



Jason, these all look great. I especially like the "How To" trailer. I can't wait to see what you do with "Gun for Dinosaur" and "The Barhhouse Effect" Keep up the good work and let Zombie post them too!


Jason, these look great. I really like the "How To" trailer. I can't wait to see what you do with "Gun for Dinosaur" and "Cold Equation". Keep up the good work.

Lacey said...

I came here from OTR-TNT and loved your work. I think a fully animated X-Minus-1 would be of interest to the whole online OTR community.

"Chain of Command" would be a good crossover story (OTR fans and animation fans) though "Martian Death March" would win you an award or two.

Please continue.

The Time Traveler said...

There's cool and then there's too cool, but this too too cool! When's a complete episode coming out? What's it going to take? How about three episodes, make it a feature length movie, released on DVD.

enigma2118 said...

Hello there,

Really I am not looking to just advertise this, it's because I am a huge fan of X Minus 1. Our theatre company has adapted 3 episodes for the stage. If you'd like to check us out, we are at:

Thank you very much.